We’ve all seen the ads in magazines and on TV: “Lose all the weight you want without dieting!” Unfortunately, for the vulnerable consumer, these claims are usually followed by the fine print: these claims have not been substantiated. At Premier Medical Weight Loss, we utilize phentermine, an FDA approved medication, which has documented safety records when used under a physician’s care. Careful follow-up ensures that the medication is right for you. For your convenience, medication is dispensed on-site.

The “B” Vitamins:

B vitamins are essential for the conversion of foods into energy. B12 or cobalamin has been the “superstar” of the B family, mainly because many individuals claim an increase in vitality after an injection. B12 is now being coupled with B6 (essential for the building of certain proteins) and even lipotropic substances (fat burning) to complement the B12 effect.

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